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  • The charity was founded by Family descendants. "Chokvatthana" and its employees, the Saha.

    To inherit its determination to assist the public benefits of the former President, Dr. artificial Chokvatthana.

    Founder and foundation affairs. Saha Group.


    Dr.Thiam Chokvatthana start working life with hardship during the global economic downturn. He decided to quit school.

    At the age of only 15 years to the business of his father opened a grocery store. Patience, perseverance, hard work, you do not haggle.

    Meanwhile, you can learn more. Of evening classes, reading and academic life of the real work.

    Until they can establish themselves and achieve success. This is the beginning of Sahapat.

    With disadvantaged people in the study experienced during early life he had always been the intention that

    When you. Succeed in life, you have to help others less fortunate as you. There is a commitment to that.

    Subsidiary companies to assist Saha part of their benefits to the public.

    Beginning Scholarship. Study Pao Boon Jin.

    In an effort to open up educational opportunities for youth to Thailand to learn the needy across the country. The building was donated to the sick at the hospital.

    Chulalongkorn and other conveniences Foundation Dr.Thiam Chokvatthana Dr.Thiam Chokvatthana Foundation was established on June 14, 2529 on the occasion that you receive.

    Conferred an honorary Doctor of Arts degree . Administration . Some of Srinakharinwirot University (now University ) .

    The objective is to promote the public good. And promote development in various fields, especially in matters relating to public health and education of children .

    And youth in rural present the Foundation has continued to perform a variety of activities such as building schools . Scholarship . And items used to .

    Shortages in rural schools . And consumables donated to charity . The poor and disaster victims . As well as activities that generate benefits to society.